“How To Get Up To 16 Times Better Results In Your Life With Less Effort...”

Dear Friend,

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

Like there’s too much to do but not enough time to do it?

Whether it’s at work or home, there’s a mountain of tasks demanding your attention.

And most seem important…either to you or someone else who wants you to do them. So, how do you get everything done?

Someday Syndrome

Plus, there’s that big goal you have…You know, the one you punt down the road because you don’t have time to work on it. Yet you’re afraid that someday will turn into never.

For many people, that’s true. As Ben Franklin noted, most people die at 25 and wait until 75 to be buried. Wasted lives that quickly fade from the memories of those who knew them.

The Road Not Taken

Now imagine you’re 75 years old looking back at a life filled with regrets about what might have been. Alone, you stare in your mirror at a face wrinkled by decades of worry and stress.

All those things that really mattered but you didn’t have the time to do them. How could this be? You were one of the busiest people you knew.

In fact, until you retired, you couldn’t recall having free time on your schedule because it was packed with meetings and tasks. Sometimes you even double-booked activities, hoping one would get canceled or postponed.

old person in mirror

Because everything was “important,” nothing was. And the tomorrow when you’d achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams never came.


Rarely see your kids…or grandkids.


After retirement, you discover you had a lot of acquaintances you worked with but they weren’t your friends. You had work in common but not much else.

You can’t remember the last time one of them even called you to check in.

Life has passed you by…So, you kill time watching shows, go to the grocery store, countless doctor visits, attend funerals of those you knew, and perhaps read a book or two with your failing eyes.

Yet these activities don’t quiet your inner voice. The one filled with regret about what might have been. If only you had chosen a different path.

100th birthday cake

Your Future Could Be Different

Imagine instead what life could be like for you at 75 if you focus today on what’s truly important.

What if… you accomplished more than you had ever dreamed possible?

Each day you spend doing what you want.

And, because 75 is the new 45, you plan to celebrate your 100th birthday surrounded by family and friends. When that day arrives, you’ll blow out the candles on your cake without having to make a wish.

Because you’re happy with how your life has turned out…and know you’ll leave a legacy that anyone would be proud to have.

Of course, the 16x Life Planner can’t guarantee you’ll succeed.

However, it’s a powerful tool for helping you get what you want now and in the future.

How does it work?

Instead of waiting for someday, the planner focuses on maximizing your results in just 90-day increments using the 16x Rule.

What’s is 16x?

Not all of your activities have equal results.

In fact, you waste most of your time doing things that seem important but have little or no value. By focusing on what’s most important, you can create results 16 times or more powerful than doing these time wasters.

How to Use the 16x Planner

To begin, you’ll set 3-5 goals you want to achieve in the next 90 days.

16x life planner productivity 90 days

Then, to start each week, you’ll identify up to 20 things you want to do to achieve these goals. The planner makes it easy to quickly rank these potential activities so that you know what’s vital, what can wait, and what you can discard as nonessential.

Based on this ranking, you’ll select up to 3-5 tasks daily and work on them sequentially until they’re done.


What if you complete these essential tasks before the end of the week?

Start knocking off the rest of the list and/or take some free time to do something fun. The choice is yours.

Enjoy the freedom. 

16x life premium annual planner

What happens at the end of 90 days?

The planner helps you review what you’ve accomplished, areas you want to improve, and make practical plans for the future. 

Of course, if you’re making a real commitment, get the Premium version of the planner that you can use for an entire year (52 weeks). 

Don’t let time pass you by. Get the planner and improve your life today.

Here's What You Get...

16x Life Planner Price Chart

And for a limited time, both the regular and premium versions of the planner include free standard shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I journal in the 16x Life Planner? 

A: Although the planner contains sections to jot down essential notes each week, there isn’t space for journaling. In fact, if you’re looking for motivational quotes, doodles, warm fuzzies, or affirmations, the 16x Life Planner isn’t for you. Because the purpose of this tool is to get the life you want by doing less. Not self-therapy, exploring your inner child, or writing a diary.

Q: Can I use the planner as a calendar?

A: The planner is designed to be used together with your calendar (print or electronic). Appointments go on your calendar instead of the planner. And you can time block activities from your planner onto your calendar if you want to. That’s completely optional.

Q: Isn’t 90 days a short period of time?

A: We’ve found that 90 days* is ideal. Why? Because Parkinson’s Law says that work expands to fill the time you set aside for its completion. So, instead of New Year’s Resolutions of what you want to do in the next year, by taking the right actions, the 16x Life Planner can help you accomplish in 90 days what you would otherwise procrastinate on throughout the year.

* Note that the Planner is set up for 13 weeks, which is technically 91 days (not 90) because it makes it easier for you to use. What’s that 91st day for? Anything you want. Use the planner’s review section to analyze what you’ve accomplished over the past quarter. Decide what you’ll do for the next 90 days. Or take a break. 

Q: I’m really used to planning annually (e.g., New Year’s Resolutions). How can I do that if the planner covers 90 days?

A: invest in the 16x Life Premium Planner because Premium version contains 52 weeks (four 90-day segments) within it. Plus, there’s an annual review section at the end. Or get the regular 90-day Planner and order another copy about 60 days into using it so your next planner arrives before the end of 90 days.

Q: Can I start using the 16x Life Planner at any time?

A: Yes! There’s no need to wait until the beginning of a month or year. However, we do recommend starting at the beginning of a week…any week you choose.

Q: What are the planner’s dimensions?

A: Both the Regular and Premium versions of the planner are 5.83 x 8.27 in. (Size A5). The Regular 90-Day version is saddle stitched paperback bound. And the Premium annual version is hard cover.

Q: How do you rank potential weekly tasks in the planner?

A: When you identify up to 20 things you want to accomplish for the upcoming week, there’s a tally column that lets you easily weigh each potential action against the others competing for your attention. These tallies make it quick for you to rank the activities so you know what to start with, what can wait, and what can be tossed as unimportant.

Q: How long does it take to do weekly planning?

A: Typically 15-20 minutes. If you’re taking an hour, you’re overthinking things.

Q: How long does it take to do daily planning? 

A: 5 minutes or less if you’ve done the weekly planning.

Q: What about emergency items that come up during the week?

A: The planner is designed so you can handle an emergency. And once it’s resolved, resume working on your prioritized planned activities.